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Is your business under attack by vandalism, uncapped needles, and potential litigations from accidental needle sticks from an unwelcome guest in your store?

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Get Your Life Back!

Tsekmo: The App That Prevents Opioid Epidemic Crisis 

What You Will Get From Tsekmo

Registration - Register your business and your bathroom users

Posting- Upload your toilet photos in Tsekmo app

Dash board - Monitor activities and incidents in your business bathroom

Incident Report- Upload to Tsekmo and file an incident report for
1. Found uncapped needles.
2. Needle stick of an employee
3. Uncleanliness, clogged toilet
4. Vandalism
5. Destruction of properties. 

Optional ID Verification- If troubles are rampant and you are very serious to stop this then toggle and activate the optional ID verification for your peace of mind.

© 2022 TSEKMO - All rights reserved

tsekmo logo page 320x100 png

© 2022 Tsekmo - All rights reserved

tsekmo logo page 320x100 png