Protect your business From Bathroom Vandalism and Opioid Epidemic Crisis, Also Make money

🚽 Say Goodbye to Bathroom Vandalism and Drug Activities with Tsekmo! 🚽

Are you a business owner struggling with the constant headache of maintaining a clean and safe bathroom for your customers? Are you tired of dealing with the rampant drug activities, vandalism, and uncapped needles that make your employees and customers feel unsafe to use your bathroom? Do you want to positively impact the 33 million people suffering from urinary incontinence in the US and the 400 million people worldwide affected by incontinence-related conditions?

If you answered yes to any of these questions

Tsekmo is the solution you've been looking for! Tsekmo is a powerful software that helps you maintain a clean, safe, and functional bathroom that your customers can use with peace of mind. It's the only app designed specifically for bathroom owners, managers, and employees of private and public entities who want to prevent the ongoing opioid epidemic crisis and vandalism in their bathrooms.

With Tsekmo, you'll be able to track all your bathroom users and deter potential users and vandals from ruining your bathroom. Tsekmo has developed a unique system that allows you to track vandalism based on habits and the vandal's presence in different restrooms registered with Tsekmo. You can also file a report inside the Tsekmo app, share it with other businesses in your neighborhood, and increase your leverage to catch the perpetrator who left uncapped needles.

💡 Product Features and Benefits:

Explore How Tsekmo Can Make Your Business Restrooms Safer, Cleaner, and Profitable

  • ​Say goodbye to vandalism: Track and bill culprits for damages, deterring them from ruining your bathrooms.
  • ​Combat the opioid epidemic: Monitor your restrooms and report hazardous activities, making them safe for everyone.
  • ​Get your money back from the Vandal​: Bill the vandal on the spot and recuperate lost money, time, and customer from vandalism. 

🌟 Tsekmo's Powerful Features:

  • ChifWash: Enhance your cleaning log and monitor your restrooms with your customers for a cleaner, safer environment.
  • Tsekmo Report: Keep track of vandals and drug users by filing incident reports within the Tsekmo community.
  • ID Verification: Activate our robust tool for verified access, ensuring a secure and respectful restroom experience.
  • Tsekrs:  Be part of a community committed to solving restroom issues. Get support from customers, employees, and fellow business owners. Together, we can make our spaces safer and cleaner.
  • Bill Now!: Send a bill to vandals and drug users for damages, making them accountable for their actions.
  • Vandall-X: Tsekmo Blocking Functionality: Block culprits who refuse to pay, keeping your restroom safe for everyone.

Take control of your restroom experience and create a safer, cleaner environment for your customers and employees. Tap into the support of the Tsekmo community and watch your bathroom-related problems vanish!

🔥 Don't wait! Sign up for Tsekmo now and make your restrooms a profitable, worry-free part of your business! 🔥

Together, we can create a world where restrooms are no longer a source of stress for businesses and customers. Join us on this journey and experience the difference Tsekmo can make for your business.

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