Empowering Store owners To Grow Their Business Using Tsekmo as a Tool To Solve Vandalism And The Opioid Epidemic Crisis, Providing A Safe Environment For Their Customers And Employees.

Tsekmo was born in 2017 when the frustration and urgency required to use the bathroom in Wings top California became too much to handle. Dan, at first, really did not recognize this as a problem, but by searching up some issues, many people are ill with their bladders and bowels issues. That sparked When the employees decided not to let customers use their bathrooms because of vandalism and drug use. These made Dan think, what if there was software for this problem? Since then, Dan has been thinking about this while building his first start-up project. The bathroom project is always at the back of Dan's mind operating and asking questions and nagging him, till in 2021 when Dan received a message from his friend, an ex-Googler. He asked Dan How's your project was, and Dan replied. "It was a failure; I failed because I chose the wrong people and lacked the time and money to build it. There were so many things on my plate as a sandwich generation" That's right, and Dan is tending to his ill mother and two children by himself.
Moving to Roseville was not easy in 2017; now, Dan has to commute 100 miles to work in Oakland for seven days per 2 weeks, and Dan drinking coffee while driving for almost 2 hours is a tough habit to break for him. Because of this, Dan would go to the rest area in Vallejo, and there again, the not-so-great experience of using a public toilet.
2021 During the pandemic, Dan was strolling around Mojave, California, with his friend traveling for hundreds of miles to their destination. Sipping coffee was a recipe to pee down the road. Dan was trying to look for any open store or gasoline station, and some were close especially their bathrooms. It wasn't charming, especially when he got to know a friend along their travel. They have to use the bathroom, but there's no bathroom when they reach their destination. Dan went to the bushes and did his private business where there was nobody but the blowing gust of the wind with the windmills all over the place. Dan thought that if a homeowner could take him in and allow him to use their bathroom, Dan would gladly pay.
So back home in Roseville, Dan thought of a solution to this problem. He also realized that this problem is magnified several times, with 87 million people here in the US alone sufferings from urinary incontinence, not to mention bowel incontinence. Imagine when people travel with bladder and bowel incontinence; vandalism and drug problems are in the bathrooms waiting for them. This problem has been made more complicated by the pandemic and the store owners who are not comfortable allowing travelers to use their bathrooms because some of them already spend money on maintaining the cleanliness of their bathrooms and for some infrequent vandalism of restrooms in operating their business. Don't ask Dan If he has this app bathroom finder that is sometimes useful and sometimes not useful.
Dan went to the founder's institute and was rejected by several mentors when one mentor accepted Dan as his mentee and provided Dan with the necessary tools and expert people that could build Tsekmo for him with his vision.

Can a software tool improve the bathroom experience of bathroom users? Can a software tool help store and bathroom owners prevent vandalism and drug use in their toilets? If there are no vandalism and drug problems, will the business store owner allow his bathroom use by travelers without judging them first?

Store owner's problems:
Maintaining their bathrooms clean without experiencing needle-stick in the trash.
potential disruption of their business
Decrease in customer
Drug activity
potential liabilities if someone overdosed or passed away in their bathrooms.

Bathroom users problems
It's natural to go. Customers want to use the bathroom and let go because they are good to go.
Often there is no choice to use a bathroom they can use, whether the toilet is dirty or clean in its "as-is" condition.
Drug problems:
Safety issues: If the bathroom is drug-infested, like uncapped needles everywhere, and the smell of drug use could affect someones breathing.

Founder and the owner of Tsekmo, Dan Garcia, will try to make Tsekmo a very effective tool for everyone where bathroom owners, bathroom users, and the local government can use Tsekmo to solve the lack of bathroom crisis in big cities. Dan thought of creating Tsekmo with these premises, and the founders of Tsekmo are striving hard to attempt to decipher the problem in big significant towns and cities in the united states, which is the next project to come after the launch of Tsekmo. Some would call this partnership a match made in heaven, but Dan believes nothing can be achieved when two or more great minds come together.
Dan Garcia's vision to make a nice dent in today's society has just started—many more good things to come.

If you are a bathroom user or a traveler who uses separate bathrooms and notices some good or bad things, you can sign up for our Tsekrs community soon to report a bathroom.