What is Tsekmo?

A. Tsekmo is THE MOST POWERFUL Software that has ever been created and the ONLY APP for all Bathroom owners/managers/employees (Private or Public entity) to use to prevent vandalism and opioid epidemic crisis in the bathrooms. Alleviating all safety concerns happening inside the toilet.

Q. Who needs Tsekmo?

A. Tsekmo is for bathroom owners private or public who have tried everything to eliminate the ongoing opioid epidemic crisis and vandalism in their bathrooms, but it did not work for them.

Q. Who are the businesses (Public or private entities) that can use Tsekmo?

A. Any private  or public entities that provides bathrooms for their employees and customers, or to any people that needs a bathroom to use.
e.g., Gasoline stations, restaurants, groceries, drug stores, malls, schools, public libraries, parks and recreation, and more.

Q. How can Tsekmo prevent the opioid epidemic crisis and vandalism from happening in the bathrooms?

A. Tsekmo has developed a system to deter a potential user or vandal from ruining your bathroom by step #1 registering all your bathroom users inside Tsekmo. (Track all the steps)

Q. What if a user or a vandal persists in doing what they have been doing? (A developed habit)

A. If a vandal persists in damaging your bathroom or a user leaves uncapped needles that pose a danger to your employees and customers, Tsekmo develop another system to track vandalism and who always leaves hazardous paraphernalia and coax the vandal or user to pay for damages.

Q. How Tsekmo track vandalism?

A. For a bathroom that is not regularly well checked, owners only check the bathroom every 6 hours or longer. Tsekmo will track vandalism based on habits and the vandal's presence in different restrooms registered with Tsekmo.

Q. If my employee is a victim of opioid epidemic crisis, e.g., my employee got an accidental needle stick. How can I increase my chances of catching the perpetrator who left uncapped needles?

A. Step #2 is to File a report inside the Tsekmo app and increase your leverage by sharing the report to any business entities in your neighborhood inside the Tsekmo Community,  Increasing your chances of getting back at the user that caused your bathroom to become a scary place for your employees and customers.

Q. As a business owner, How can I catch vandalism on the spot? What's the process Tsekmo recommends?

A. Before the use of the bathroom, the owner or employee can catch vandalism on the spot when they open the door of their bathroom to their guest, and both of them witnessed (owner or employee and the guest or customer) that the restroom is immaculate in its state before its defacement. (yes, to start with Tsekmo, you need to secure your bathroom that you can only access and share.)

Q. Should I or my employees confront the vandal or the user when caught on the spot?

A. To minimize disruption in your business operation and protect your employees and customers, Tsekmo does not recommend confronting the vandal or the user.

Q. What should the business owner or employee do if, on the spot, they catch the suspected vandal or the one who is supposed to always leaves uncapped needles?

A. The owner or employee will post a photo of the bathroom in the Tsekmo community that was vandalized or the needle that was not correctly disposed of.

Q. Can I charge the suspected vandal or the user who disfigured and made my bathroom unsafe?

A. Yes. Step #3 The owner can now send the bill to the registered accused vandal along with the damages, inconveniences, and loss of business fee, billing the suspected vandal in Tsekmo.

Q. What will happen to the suspected vandal's account that was reported? 

A. Step #4 The suspected Vandal won't be able to use Tsekmo app until they would settle (pay the bill sent to him by the business owner through Tsekmo) or dispute the allegations(not paying the bill),

Q. While the suspected vandal is in dispute with my business, can they still use my bathroom in Tsekmo?

A. The suspected vandal cannot use your store's bathroom; they have a dispute until they settle.

Q. What if I am mistaken and find out later that my suspected vandal was not the real culprit?

A. If you are mistaken, you can always reverse the process, allowing them to use your store's bathroom.

Q. Can the suspected vandal use other stores they have no dispute with?

A. Yes. Though the suspected vandal will carry an orange flag along with them on their account so that other store owners will be more vigilant, knowing they have a settlement to dispute.
No. If a specific store owner decided to block orange flag. People who has dispute with other store.(coming soon)

Q. What would Tsekmo suggest to prevent any form of vandalism from occurring in the first place?

A. Tsekmo suggests providing educational material about proper bathroom use to promote respectful behavior. Inside Tsekmo, you, as the owner, can provide rules for using your bathroom to your customer.

Q. When will Tsekmo open to the public?

A. Next week, maybe. We are still polishing and tweaking the necessary stuff to give Tsekmo users the best online experience using the Tsekmo app.

Q. Do you have launch promotions when you launch?

A. Yes, we do. Please sign up in our news letter to find out.