Introducing Tsekmo the Bathroom App, a revolutionary new way to track bathroom vandalism!

Monday, December 19, 2022

Anti Vandalism Bathroom app/Features/Introducing Tsekmo the Bathroom App, a revolutionary new way to track bathroom vandalism!

Tsekmo The Latest Solution To The Opioid Epidemic Crisis In Business Bathrooms

Protect Yourself, your employees, and your customers from accidental needle sticks! Ward off unwelcome guests by using Tsekmo today!

How to Prevent Opioid Epidemic Crisis in Your Business Bathroom

With the opioid crisis continuing to rise, more and more businesses are facing the problem of people using their bathrooms to take drugs. This can lead to accidental needle sticks, drug overdoses, vandalism, and destruction of property. Thankfully, there is an app that can help you prevent these incidents from happening in your business bathroom—Tsekmo. Let’s take a closer look at how this app works and why it’s so important for business owners.

Felling like a winner with Tsekmo


1. Register your vandal, 2. File an incident report, 3. Bill your vandal, 4. Block them from your business bathroom, if they do not settle. 5. End Of Story: Problem solve

How Tsekmo Works

Tsekmo is an app that helps you prevent opioid epidemic crises in your business bathroom by registering each user who enters your bathroom. The app also has an optional ID verification feature that allows users to upload identification documents before entering the bathroom. This helps you ensure that only verified people are allowed access to your restroom. You can also file an incident report within the app if any of these incidents do happen in your business bathroom, so you can easily track down those responsible for vandalizing or leaving uncapped needles behind.

The Benefits of Tsekmo

The biggest benefit of using Tsekmo is that it helps keep your employees and customers safe from potential harm caused by drug use in your restroom. Additionally, it reduces the chances of accidental needle sticks as well as damage to property due to vandalism or destruction, which saves you money in repairs and replacement costs. Finally, with the ID verification feature, you can ensure that only authorized people are allowed access to your restroom, which increases security and prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing sensitive areas of your building.


When it comes to preventing opioid epidemic crises in your business bathroom, Tsekmo is a must-have tool for any business owner looking to protect their employees and customers while saving themselves money on repairs and replacements caused by vandalism or destruction of property. By registering each person who enters the restroom and providing optional ID verification when needed, Tsekmo ensures a safe environment for everyone involved while still giving you control over who has access to sensitive areas within your building. Try out Tsekmo today!


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