Protect your business From Bathroom Vandalism and Opioid Epidemic Crisis, Also Make money

🚽 Introducing Tsekmo: Making More Money And Adding Profits To Your Business In This Recession! 🚽

Attention, business owners! We know that maintaining the cleanliness, safety, and security of your business bathrooms can be a real challenge. Drug activities, vandalism, and misuse are everyday struggles. Not anymore! With Tsekmo, you have the power to turn the tide while turning a profit!

🌟 Tsekmo's Powerful Features:

  • ChifWash: Enhance your cleaning log and monitor your restrooms with your customers for a cleaner, safer environment.
  • ​Tsekmo Report: Keep track of vandals and drug users by filing incident reports within the Tsekmo community.
  • ​ID Verification: Activate our robust tool for verified access, ensuring a secure and respectful restroom experience.
  • ​Tsekrs: Collaborate with fellow business owners, customers, and employees to solve restroom problems together.
  • ​Bathroom Basic Monetization: If your store averages 375 customers a day, you could earn up to $68,656.5 per year by charging just $0.99 per bathroom use. With Tsekmo, the potential to increase this profit is endless.
  • ​Special Discounts: Choose to serve all customers inclusively. With Tsekmo, you have the flexibility to adjust settings for different types of customers - homeless, disabled, Ally's law customers, or walk-ins. Let's build an accommodating and inclusive environment for everyone.

Take control of your restroom experience and create a safer, cleaner environment for your customers and employees. Tap into the support of the Tsekmo community and watch your bathroom-related problems vanish!

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Together, we can create a world where restrooms are no longer a source of stress for businesses and customers. Join us on this journey and experience the difference Tsekmo can make for your business.

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