About Us

Welcome to Tsekmo, a unique web platform that aims to help business owners and managers open their bathrooms for their customers while preventing vandalism and drug activities. Our platform allows businesses to make money by allowing customers to use their bathroom facilities for free or for a fee. With an estimated 33 million people in the US and 400 million worldwide suffering from urinary incontinence, Tsekmo aims to help these individuals by providing access to clean and safe restrooms.

Unfortunately, many businesses hesitate to open their bathrooms to the public due to concerns about vandalism and drug activities. This is where Tsekmo comes in. We provide a powerful software solution that enables businesses to track bathroom usage, deter potential vandals and drug users, and catch those who do cause damage or leave hazardous paraphernalia behind. Our platform features tools like ChifWash for enhancing cleaning logs, Tsekmo Report for filing incident reports, and ID Verification to stop rampant drug use and vandalism.

Our goal is to encourage businesses to open their bathrooms for their customers by providing a tool to keep their bathrooms clean and safe. Tsekmo enables businesses to track and bill culprits for vandalism, making it easier to recoup damage costs. We also have a community of Tsekrs (Tsekmo Community Supporting You) who can help businesses solve vandalism and drug use problems in their bathrooms.

If you're a business owner or manager looking to make your bathroom facilities available to the public, Tsekmo is the solution you need. Our platform can help you ensure your bathrooms are safe, clean, and well-maintained while providing a much-needed service to your customers. With features like Bill Now! for billing culprits, Tsekmo Blocking Functionality for blocking those who refuse to pay for damages, and educational materials on proper bathroom use, Tsekmo is the most powerful software available to prevent vandalism and the opioid epidemic crisis in your bathroom.